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Divergent Brands, LLC
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Office Hours: 9:00am EST to 5:30pm EST

LEAVE A MESSAGE: We strive to return messages within 24 hours. 

Return Policy:

BREAKAGE: We take great care in shipping your purchase. Our breakage rate in 2016 was 0%. But, we do not believe that a breakage will never occur. Should you have a product delivered that is broken, please report it to us via phone or email. The most efficient way is by email. Email keeps a great record of communication for you and us. Please inspect your product immediately after delivery. If there is something broken, we will replace at no charge. If a product is no longer available or it was purchased from a special sale, we may not be able to replace your purchase. In that case, we will credit the individual cost of the broken item. Important: You must report breakage from shipping within 5 days of delivery.  

PRODUCT QUALITY: The Eisch Company in Germany maintains the highest standard of quality in all its products, it’s a family tradition. A defect in glass is hard to determine. If you see a small bubble, a small line, or a ripple in a glass it may seem like an imperfection. But really, it is part of the glass making process whether it be machine or handmade. No two pieces of glass, even of the same line, same size, same item, are ever the same. Glass starts off as a liquid and is transformed into a solid. Along the way, temperature, movement, atmosphere, or the glass maker themselves can have or cause slight differences. These differences are infrequent and are usually almost impossible to find, but it is a part of the glass making process. To determine if something is in fact a defect we may ask you to send a picture of it. Why? We trust you, but we want to help explain if it is not a defect. After our inspections, if a piece is not up to our standards or has some imperfection that is unsightly, we will be happy to replace at no charge. If we determine that it is a defect, it does not need to be sent back. We do not sell defects, seconds or imperfections that exceed or quality standards.

SATISFACTORY: We know our product well and try our very best to picture it in its actual state. We are pleased to say that we have never had a product returned because it was not what the customer thought. In fact, we have had many customers tell us that the product they received was far superior to their product expectations. Upon receipt, if the product is not what you expected, you may return it freight prepaid. We will send you authorization information to accomplish this return. We will refund the cost of the purchase in full once received back to our facility. Important: Any product under these circumstances needs to be reported within 5 days of receiving. All products must have all its original labels and stickers on the glass and it cannot have been used. We cannot take back used glassware due to health laws.

BREAKAGE REPLACEMENT: Fine crystal and glassware of any type can break. There is no such thing as unbreakable tableware. The amount of time you have a glass before it breaks, 1 day or 10 years, has nothing to do with its quality, the composition or the manufacturing process. It has everything to do with what happens to the glass during its use or lifetime. But, you have purchased beautiful crystal from Eisch. You probably want to keep it a long time and enjoy all the pleasure it will bring. Keeping a full set is tough when one breaks. Any product you have purchased before, and if you only need one, two etc…you can purchase again as you need at the same price you paid. No need to buy a full set again. We will ship freight pre-paid, no additional cost to you.

ALL SALES FINAL: Periodically, there will be items in our Sale section that will be subject to an All Sales Final policy. In these cases, refunds or returns will not be authorized unless the item is faulty. All Sales Final will be clearly stated on the page of such items.   


COUPONS & DISCOUNTS: We love a discount! But, there are rules. When coupon codes are offered, keep in mind that only one coupon code can be used per order. Coupon codes cannot be combined. Coupons codes do not apply to Sale items unless stated.  Our free shipping discount on orders of $75 or more is the only discount that can be combined with other offers and it does not require a coupon code. Free shipping, when applicable, must be manually selected on the Cart page or Check Out page.  

**Coming Soon** JOIN OUR CLUB: Have you been eyeing a 12-piece stemware set, multiple shapes of stemware or a complete bar setup, but do not want to make the investment all at once? Our club allows you to place your complete order. After determining the full cost, we provide you with payment plan options. Each month we will ship the amount of product equal to your payment plan configuration. You can complete a full set of Eisch Crystal on your time table and on your budget. By joining the club and budgeting your purchase, we save you money because freight is free, no matter your monthly budget. If you wish to speed up or slow down your monthly purchase you can, we are here to help you put together your set of one of the finest crystal products in the world. Don’t worry, if you bought it on sale or it goes to a lower price, you get that price. We rarely have a sale, but if we do you always get the best from us.

YOUR PRIVACY: Privacy is of the greatest importance to us. We only collect the necessary information to accomplish your purchase. It is secured on our protected cloud site. Never, not ever, is any information shared, divulged or accessed by anyone other than to process an order. We keep no outside records, affiliations or third-party agreements with any companies as a strict policy of Divergent Brands, LLC. We like our privacy, and we respect yours. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details. 

FRIEGHT POLICY: We work to provide the best and least expensive method of shipping your order. Currently, orders ship USPS Ground or UPS Ground. Many companies use freight as a profit base, we do not. Our actual average cost or less is used to calculate the freight charge. We determined that a simple flat rate per shipping zone is best for you. It is costlier to us, but saves administration and labor costs which we pass on to you in the flat rate. We are always examining the process of shipping and freight costs to find the least but best way to ship your order.

CHANGES TO OUR TERMS OF SERVICE: We reserve the right to change the Terms & Conditions at any time without notice. Changes will be posted as an updated copy of our Terms & Conditions on our website. It is your responsibility to check our website for changes. Your continued use of or access to our website constitutes acceptance of those changes. 


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