Superior, SensisPlus Wheat Beer


Lead-Free Crystal Glass | Set of 2

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Hefeweiss, wheat beers and unfiltered beers get their best results here. Tall in size for a full glass with the proper head of foam left at the top. Curves to fit your hand. SensisPlus takes smooth and flavorful to a new level. Designed in Germany, where they are pretty good at crafting these beers! Not only is it great for the taste experience, but it is also a beautiful sight.

This crystal wheat beer glass is made with SensisPlus technology. SensisPlus is an innovative, proprietary step in the manufacturing process of our crystal, which allows the characteristics of a beverage to more quickly show it’s full complexity and potential, without agitation or swirling.


  • Eisch Crystal with SensisPlus
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Machine Made
  • Lead-Free Crystal
  • Fine Rim
  • Ounce Capacity at Rim: 24 oz
  • Height: 9.5″
  • Max Diameter:
  • Opening Diameter:
  • Individual Piece Weight:


This product is dishwasher safe.  While this product is durable, it can break. After all, it is glass.

  • Do not force product on or in between dishwasher prongs.
  • Do not force product in dishwasher if dishwasher is full or crowded.
  • Not all dishwashers will accommodate product due to product height.  Therefore hand-washing may be best.

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