Superior, SensisPlus Grand Burgundy


Lead-Free Crystal Glass | Set of 2

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Grand indeed! Grand in size, shape, performance and style. Serve in this Burgundy glass and you will be flooded with compliments before your guests even taste the wine. The Superior SensisPlus Grand Burgundy will conjure up that great steak house you went to before. The one where the steak was excellent, but you can’t stop dreaming about the spectacular 1989 Burgundy you swooned over and the extraordinarily perfect glass you sipped from.

The lines and form are designed to be one singular flow without interruption, from foot to rim. There are no separation lines or joining at the stem, bowl or foot. Balanced, engineered, and timeless. The Superior line is a testament to technology, producing machine-made crystal to feel and look like hand made crystal.

With SensisPlus technology your glass of wine is minutes away from revealing every nuance the wine was born with. No swirling or agitation required.


  • Eisch Crystal with SensisPlus
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Machine Made with Pulled Stem Technology
  • Lead-Free Crystal
  • Fine Rim
  • Ounce Capacity at Rim:
  • 16.6oz Height: 8″
  • Max Diameter: 3.62″
  • Opening Diameter: 3.05″
  • Individual Piece Weight: 5.7oz


This product is dishwasher safe.  While this product is durable, it can break. After all, it is glass.

  • Do not force product on or in between dishwasher prongs.
  • Do not force product in dishwasher if dishwasher is full or crowded.
  • Not all dishwashers will accommodate product due to product height.  Therefore hand-washing may be best.

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