The Eisch Family

Glass art has transcended generations from a small glassworks in the Bohemian Forest during the 1600’s, to Valentin Eisch, a master glass engraver in the early 1900’s, to Erwin Eisch, a pioneer of the Studio Glass Movement and free-blown handmade glass in the 1960’s, to Eberhard and Julia Eisch, third generation family, who are currently recognized as the No. 1 glass producer by German retailers. The Eisch family is synonymous throughout history with glass making and their passion continues to inspire products of today.

Eisch is a family owned company, really!  There are no corporate associations or conglomerates at the helm, but instead a Mr. and Mrs. Eisch (in fact, more than one!) along with sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, and cousins all working to carry on glass making traditions.

The Eisch Difference

The “E” in Eisch may be silent, (pronounced with a long “I”), but their innovations are quite the opposite.  Forward thinking based on extensive experience and artisanal skills bring original products to life.

Eisch crystal is the only crystal glass in the world with SensisPlus, an exclusive technological breakthrough in glass manufacturing.  For the first time, experience what the winemaker or distiller intended you to sense, layers and nuances; bold or soft, within just minutes of being poured in a SensisPlus crystal glass. 



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