You’re hosting a Halloween party this year with a superhero theme. With the popularity of comic book characters these days, you are off to a good start! Don’t keep crystal glass locked in a china cabinet only to use it during your annual Christmas dinner. It has a place in your everyday life! With durable construction and modern designs, Eisch’s crystal glass can be used any day of the year.

So, when Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, the Hulk, and Thor show up to your party, what do they drink? What glass do you use? You want to get this right because the last thing you want is an angry Hulk. You won’t like him when he’s angry!

Let’s start with Captain America. Cap is an old soul, frozen for 60 years and thawed out in a time that has forgotten him. So what do you serve the old boy scout? An Old Fashion. Give him something that was created in America and something that will remind him of his past. What could be more American than bourbon, in cocktail form. Now, what type of glass should you use? The answer is simple: Eisch’s SensisPlus Now crystal rocks glass. This is not only the perfect glass because of the balanced weight and classic hand cut diamond pattern design, but also because SensisPlus will bring out the notes of the bourbon and bitters. Thus, giving Cap a little bit of nostalgia.

How about Iron Man, AKA Tony Stark. This is a man with wealth and taste. You don’t want to try too hard.  Play it cool. Give him something refined, but with an edge. The answer? A dirty martini. This cocktail appeals to his sophisticated, playboy side all in one glass. What glass ties it all together? The SensisPlus Gentleman crystal martini glass, hand cut by master German artisans. The cuts in the martini glass add a touch of luxury to this iconic shape. SensisPlus brings forth the nuances of the vodka and olives, creating a very smooth martini. A perfect compliment for Tony Stark’s smooth personality.  

Next, Russian super spy turned shield agent, the Black Widow. This could be a tough one to figure out. She’s a spy. She can pretend to be anybody at anytime. Let’s play it simple and elegant. Kir Royale, the perfect champagne cocktail. The glass? Eisch’s Black and 24k gold Champagne Exclusive crystal Flute. The hand painted stem of black and 24k gold, illuminates the base of the champagne bowl, and compliments the black currents in this Champagne cocktail. Sleek, mysterious and unique.  

For Hulk, the green goliath, you need a drink that is as intense and complex as he; The Bloody Mary.  This cocktail encapsulates the Hulk perfectly with a blend of bold, smooth, salt and spice. A great way to experience these characteristics is with the the SensisPlus Superior crystal highball. The heavy sham and fine rim appeal to Hulk’s dichotomy and with SensisPlus the spicy notes will be on full display. Maybe after a few Bloody Mary’s, you might see Bruce Banner by the end of the night!

Finally Thor, the Prince of Asgard, the God of Thunder. A warrior with an unquenchable thirst for mead. Now mead might be hard to come by, so let’s stick to beer, but it must be a high alcohol beer. Be sure to have Blithering Idiot by Weyerbacher stocked in your fridge! Serve it in a durable, yet refined glass. After all he is a Prince and worthy of the best! The handmade All Purpose Tankard is handmade, mouth blown with a substantial amount of crystal weighing just shy of 1.5lbs! This beer tankard will make Thor feel like he is back in Asgard regaling tales to his fellow Asgardians.

However you are celebrating this year, whether it be as superheros or your favorite character from Stranger Things, embrace a new generation of crystal glass to enhance your daily life and celebrate everyday luxuries.


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